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Business Cards

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Letterpress business cards are an easy way to get some attention. If you're looking for unique papers or a custom duplex, let us know through the contact pageRead below for more information about the setup and ordering process. Click here for artwork requirements or here to see our recent work.

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1. Choose a quantity. Although we can produce custom quantities, we have provided pricing for the standard increment breaks. While letterpress printing isn’t cheap, the product quality is extremely high. Factor in the unit cost when deciding how many cards you’d like to have printed.

2. Choose how many impressions you will want. An impression is made when a printing plate pushes a single color of ink into the paper. The pricing available is listed based on a 1-to-3 color design. Impressions can be distributed between the front and back of your card (1/0, 1/1, 2/1, or 1/2).

3. Factor in add-ons. Want your cards to be edge-painted? We can make it happen. Need the card designed from scratch? We do that too! Let us know how we can help.

4. Submit your project request. Email us at with your artwork and specs. We will get started on your project within three days of submission. Be sure to let us know what color ink you would like (include Pantone codes, if applicable) and if you prefer Fluorescent White or Pearl White paper. For each project, you will receive a digital proof via email with your artwork comps. Your approval is required before we can get your plates made.

5. Give us four weeks to complete your project and ship it to your door. 





3.5x2 - inch


100% Cotton Cranes Lettra 220C

Standard Business Card with Coral-Orange Edge Paint